Online Funerals

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Lighting a candle together online

I can now offer online funerals. An online funeral enables people to be together as a larger group and feel close in a shared space – a beautiful space which is held with love and care, where a person’s life can be honoured and celebrated in a profoundly meaningful and real way. Here, online, a full funeral gathering can happen and a sense of togetherness experienced which can feel hugely connecting and comforting for a community of mourners.  

Using technology to create a beautiful and meaningful funeral

We now have brilliant technologies for bringing people together in a shared online space, where it is possible to connect deeply with each other. I can help you to create a unique funeral for your loved one online. I will give you my time and my attention to make sure that we make it really special. If you are someone who thinks you will struggle with this online technology, you could use your telephone instead.

Managing the technology

I will do all I can to help you with technical issues. This way of meeting online is possible on a mobile phone, landline (without the screen images of course), tablet, iPad, laptop or computer and it is relatively straightforward to use. I can talk you through how everything works and we can practise together in advance of the funeral so everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. You won’t have to do anything complicated technically at the funeral – that will all be taken care of my end.

Is it secure?


This is a very safe way of conducting a funeral. Only those invited to attend will be admitted. There are ways of making it very secure which I can talk through with you.

The delivery of a funeral online

Mourners join the online funeral ceremony via a link, they see each other in their respective places and can be included in the service by 

  • reading a poem
  • playing music or singing
  • sharing memories about the person who has died

An online ‘gathering’ afterwards at which toasts can be made and further sharing of memories, is also possible.  

Obviously there would be no coffin present but your loved one can be represented with a photo. There can be candles and flowers to enhance the beauty. Photos and slideshows can be shown and it can all be recorded for those unable attend. Together we can craft something truly memorable for all those who loved the person who died to experience. 

Touching and connecting

You will be surprised how profoundly touching this new way of experiencing a funeral is and how deeply connecting it can be. It is fundamentally different from a funeral webcast from a crematorium and much more like a ‘normal’ funeral than you might expect.

Call me and we can talk about how this could work for you: 07967 231960.

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Raising a toast together