What is your role as a funeral celebrant?

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I am here to help create ceremonies together with bereaved families which commemorate, mourn and celebrate their loved ones’ lives. In writing the funeral script, I reflect the beliefs and values of the person who has died in the ceremony, whatever these were, making sure that the finished ceremony accurately and appropriately represents who they were.  I guide families as decisions around the structure and content of the funeral are made. I then officiate at the funeral, guided by the family as to how much or how little I speak.  

Are you a humanist celebrant?

I call myself a celebrant for the ‘unaffiliated,’ which accounts for around two thirds of the UK’s population.  If you are looking for a non-religious funeral, I will happily craft and lead a ceremony for you. Equally, if you want a funeral with religious or spiritual content, I’ll happily do that too.  So I cater for a wide range of people – not just those with no beliefs.

Do you lead religious funerals? 

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If you want a fully religious, more traditional funeral for someone who practised and was committed to a specific faith, I recommend you ask a leader from the faith community to which they belonged to lead it. However, if you want a funeral which integrates both the religious and the secular, I’d be happy to do this for you.

What if I want a spiritual funeral, or one with elements from different beliefs and cultural customs?

That is entirely possible and you can have this. I am here to answer your needs and am open to crafting a vibrant service which integrates different beliefs and cultural practices.  This is something that particularly interests me. A funeral which reflects the diversity of spiritual beliefs of the person who has died as well as the range of beliefs within the family and close circle of friends, can make the experience even more relevant and unique to mourners.

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Must I have Christian content in a funeral in a crematorium?

No. Crematoria are non-denominational.

Why should I pick you to be my celebrant?

I am someone who cares deeply about the quality of human experience and interaction. I am imaginative and thorough in my approach and passionate about enabling the best farewell to honour the person who has died. I will keep re-writing the script until you think we’ve got it right. I am an attentive and compassionate listener and will do all I can to co-create a funeral with you which you will treasure in your memory for years to come.

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Do you recommend that children come and take part in a funeral?

Yes, I do. Let’s talk about this together. 

What are the advantages of an online funeral?

  • family members living at a distance from each other can gather online to plan the ceremony together with the celebrant 
  • people might feel more confident about actively contributing at an online funeral, in a way that they might not in a crematorium, for example
  • people living abroad who can’t travel can attend
  • we can choose a suitable time to enable people living in different time zones to attend more easily, not restricted by crematoria schedules 
  • a recording of the funeral can be made and shared with those unable to attend 
  • friends won’t need to be excluded from an online service due to numbers of attendee restrictions 
  • mourners can connect in a really powerful and meaningful way online, sharing a deep experience collectively 
  • people can see the whole community of mourners on screen and new connections can be made
  • there are no travel or hotel expenses

Would anyone be allowed to attend an online funeral for my loved one?

You decide who you’d like to attend. The invitation link is sent out to attendees via email, so that only those you are happy to attend will be there. It is a secure event.